Dialogue & Food at Lehigh Iftar Dinner

Now organizers at the Lehigh Dialogue Center have adopted the tradition in some Muslim countries of setting up tents to offer iftar dinners to the poor and needy by hosting a special iftar dinner for members of the Allentown community.

It was a night that brought people of different faiths and backgrounds together to break bread and learn more about each other. Some non-Muslim guests even fasted in solidarity with their Muslim hosts.

Among the guests there was also Reverend Dr. Walter Wagner from the Moravian Seminary who gave a speech about the link between shish kebab and unity of dialogue.

The tent was set up with special lights, tables were put out with tasty appetizers and scented candles. Guests were treated to a special menu of kebabs and rice with salad accompanied by baklava, the special Turkish sweet.

The dinner was later followed with a video presentation about Turkiye.

It was a night of food and friendship that many here will remember.

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