Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe that their Scriptures are messages from God to humanity, yet we have sharp disagreements about what is included in the Scriptures and how to understand them. How do Tanak, Old-New Testaments, and Tawrah-Zabur-Ingil describe the “Bible”? What is the Qur’an’s relationship to the Bible and to non-Muslims? Does God “speak” in different “voices” to different faith communities?

Is there a unified message? How might we understand “hot-button” passages? What may we learn from one another? Join us for candid and respectful discussion from: Sept. 26 – Oct. 24

All sessions to be held on Wednesday, 7:19-9:00 PM, at Respect Graduate School. The recommended donation of $20 per person covers the initial dinner, refreshments and expenses for the entire series.

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